We are travelling across Asia by bicycle to raise awareness of two major issues: the need for sustainable energy and gender equality. We’re meeting organisations and people who work in the social sector, with a focus on social enterprises, businesses that re-invest their profits to further a social cause. Social enterprise can be a far more sustainable tool for development than charitable support.

We’ve cycled over 8,500 km and are approaching our final country, Nepal. We’re looking for organisations to meet in Nepal, media outlets interested in working with us and partners or sponsors who wish to support us.

The purpose of Gearing Up is to encourage people to understand the challenges faced by others: this understanding is an essential foundation of collective responsibility.

Katie Moss and Joseph Thomas, 2017

Vietnam TV (VTV) interviewing us during a visit to Green Generation, a Vietnamese social enterprise that has designed and sells an affordable, super-efficient biomass burning stove as a replacement for traditional open fires.

The programme was aired on VTV during a daily news broadcast and can be viewed at this link: Link here. Gearing Up’s segment starts at 6 minutes and 5 seconds.